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If you'd like to change what file types are moved or where they're moved to, click the Options tab.  Here's what you'll see:

(all selections made on the Options tab will be stored and used as the default settings)

File Selection

Select all files automatically - this is the default setting and ensures all files are processed
Select only these file types - if you know what each file type is and whether you want to move it, here is the place to select them.  You must press "Commit Changes to List" for the selections to take effect.

File Processing

Move all files to proper directories - this is the default setting and ensures all files are moved to their proper directories where UT is installed
Move all files to one directory - this will move all files to one single directory (create it first) with no directory structure
Move all files to other directory with proper structure - this will move all files to a directory (create it first) and automatically create all necessary subdirectories for the proper file types to be located (Maps, Music, etc..,)

File Options
Overwrite Files -
this will force UTCC to overwrite existing files of the same name (recommended setting is "Checked")


Check for Updates Now - connects to my web server to see if there are any updates available for download.  If so, then a description and a download link will be provided.  It will automatically check for updates if the "Check for updates on startup" box is checked.


Backup entire cache directory before running - creates a ZIP file of all files in your cache directory before making any changes
Compression Level - sets the compression level for the ZIP backup


Purge Cache Setting - UT's default setting is 30 days, but can be modified here.  UTCC will change it by default to 999 days.
Run UT2004 after UTCC runs - if checked, UT2004 will start automatically after you press "Run" and UTCC has completed
Show Missing Extension Alerts - will alert you if a file is missing an extension
Purge Cache Now
- DELETES ALL CACHE FILES (no moving/renames)