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Last Updated: 24 Jul 2015
NOTE - the new Intel 8 Core i7-5960X processor can peak at 280-300 watts, so add 75-100 watts on the calculated page if you have one of these.
They peak when used for gaming at 1080i and other intensive operations.

Computer Power Supply Calculator

Have you ever wondered if you're buying the proper sized power supply? Well if you don't purchase the correct size you can expect
your PC not to work properly, get blue screens, and a variety of bad things. Bottom line - buy the proper size power supply!

Now if you've ever looked around for power information it isn't that easy to find.  Here's the solution....my power supply calculator!
(note - I've researched this as much as possible, but you use this tool at your own risk)

Time to Use The Computer Power Supply Calculator

Component Quantity   Component Quantity
Motherboard (LAN and Video built-in)   IDE Hard Drive (5400 rpm)
Motherboard (nothing built-in)   IDE Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
Intel i3   SATA Hard Drive (5400 and 5900 rpm)
Intel i5   SATA Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
Intel i7    SATA Hard Drive (10,000 rpm)
Intel Quad Core   SATA SSD
Intel Dual/Core 2 Duo Core (P4, Xeon)    
Intel Processor (P2, P3, Celeron Socket 370)      
Intel Processor (P4, Xeon)   SCSI Hard Drive (5400 rpm)
Intel Processor (Celeron Socket 478/775)   SCSI Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
SCSI Hard Drive (10,000 rpm)
AMD Quad Core
SCSI Hard Drive (15,000 rpm)
AMD Dual Core      
AMD Processor (all except those listed below)   SAS Hard Drive 7200 RPM  
AMD Processor (Athlon 64 and Opteron)    SAS Hard Drive 10K RPM  
AMD Processor (Athlon II)   SAS Hard Drive 15K RPM
AMD Processor (Phenom II)      
(ps2 or usb not on a powered hub)
  CD-ROM Drive
Memory (how many sticks)   CD-RW Drive
System Fan      
Processor Fan   DVD Drive
      DVD-+RW Drive
PCI Express Video Card (low to mid level - usually < $150)      
PCI Express Video Card (high end - you know if you have this)      
AGP Video Card
Blu-Ray Drive  
AGP Video Card
(NVidia FX or Radeon 97/9800)
PCI Modem Card   Floppy Disk Drive
PCI Sound Card   Tape Drive
PCI Network Card   ZIP Drive
PCI SCSI Card   Keyboard
(ps2 or usb not on a powered hub)
PCI SCSI RAID Card   USB Devices
(only select if they draw power directly from the USB port)
PCI IDE Card   Firewire Devices (IEEE 1394)
(only select if they draw power directly from the Firewire port)
PCI IDE RAID Card      
PCI Misc. Card (3w each)