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8-May-06:  My Power Supply Calculator is used by hundreds of people each day!

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Home of SharkKiller

I've been playing Unreal Tournament since it first came out - it's 2016 and I'm still playing!
One of the issues with UT99 through 2003 was the maps would clog your cache, cause crashes, and more.
So I took some time, wrote 30,000 or so lines of code, and boom - UT Cache Cleaner was born.
It was so popular and battle tested that I submitted it to the Unreal Tournament contest.
11-May-04: 2003
**WON** 4th place in the Nvidia-Epic
"Make Something Unreal" contest!!!!

THANKS to everyone that's made my Unreal Tournament utility the most
popular of that type!  The total users for v3.0 at this time is over 10,000
(as of 3-Jan-03)
and growing...

UT Cache Cleaner 2003 was released on 4-Jan-03!  UTCC 2003 currently has
8000+ downloads...